Press release | 18 April 2024

Diot-Siaci is committed to supporting Domaines Skiables de France with an innovative solution to cover financial losses in the event of a lack of snow

 Paris, April 22, 2024 – Diot-Siaci, the French and European leader in insurance brokerage, has joined forces with the insurer HDI Enablers to propose a unique system aimed at limiting the financial impacts of snowfall incidents for Domaines Skiables de France (DSF).

With global warming, ski areas are increasingly faced with variable snow conditions, which can lead to a loss of business of resorts. Diot-Siaci – supported by the local strengths of its subsidiary Diot-Siaci Montagne, its Analytics team and the expertise of the insurer HDI Enablers – will now offer the 250 French ski resorts belonging to the Professional Chamber a policy to absorb part of their operating losses.

Unique in France, this new solution is in line with the “Nivalliance” insurance created by Domaines Skiables de France in 2001 to limit the financial consequences of snowfall incidents for French ski areas.

With long-term support, despite the uncertainties faced by the mountain sector, this weather insurance policy combines a structured insurance solution, known as a “virtual captive”, with a parametric format and compensation triggered by indices.

This unprecedented solution reinforces Diot-Siaci’s commitment to supporting its clients in view of the impacts of climate change, through innovative risk analysis solutions today and tomorrow. It also confirms the group’s leadership position, with winter activity in ski resorts contributing €2bn to France’s trade balance.

“I am very proud that Diot-Siaci is contributing to the resilience of French winter sports resorts to the challenges of climate change, in conjunction with an insurer of the quality of HDI Enablers,” says Frédéric Durot, Managing Director Global P&C at Diot-Siaci.

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