Directors’ liability insurance – Corporate Insurance (Key Accounts, Upper Middle and Mid-Caps)

Our clients

We implement customized solutions for companies of all sizes and in all business sectors. The department’s experts will work with you, particularly during initial public offerings or the opening up of capital to financial investors.

How we support you

We work on your behalf with insurers and assist you in the analysis of your risks, and the definition of the coverage and its amount based on your risk profile. We help you choose the insurer and negotiate the contractual terms for you.

In the event of a loss, we investigate the claim and deal with the administrative management by handling the relationship with the various parties involved, lawyers and experts.

Lastly, we provide you with regular information on the market situation (insurers and coverage) and the development of risks using alerts, “loss” information sheets, and in-depth studies conducted with or without the involvement of partner law firms.

On what type of risks?

  • Directors’ and officers’ personal liability risks
  • Fraud: covers any fraudulent act committed with regard to insured securities or assets by employees operating alone or in collusion with third parties, or by third parties operating alone for the purposes of illicit gain (fraud, breach of trust, forgery and falsification).
  • Employment practices liability (EPL): covers the financial consequences (legal fees and damages following a court ruling or settlement agreement) of liability incurred by the company or its employees in the event of a breach of employment law regulations and a violation of employment rules.
  • Kidnap & Ransom: the Financial Lines department works with you to help you choose the consultant and insurance company best suited to your risk exposure. The choice of insurer is guided by the consultants’ understanding of your business and the geographical areas to which you may travel.

Our added value

Recognized experience in the Financial Lines team’s market: this department consists of 15 legal and financial experts dedicated to these risks with an average experience of over 15 years. It is the center of expertise for the Diot Siaci Group’s Financial Lines.