Construction is a complex sector requiring input from a wide variety of trades with a range of expertise. Each project has its own specific challenges and risks that need to be identified and secured from their design to their end use.

The diversity and technical and legal plurality of our teams, combined with our experience, mean the Diot-Siaci Construction teams can assist and support all clients, regardless of the nature, size, complexity or location of their projects.

What type of coverage do you need ?

We develop customized solutions for design offices, construction companies (building, civil engineering, infra and superstructures and special works), manufacturers and professional and non-professional project owners.

Our solutions are adapted to the activity and the environment, taking into account the specificities of each client and each project (for example: nuclear, hostile environment, marine works, etc.) in France and abroad.

How we support you

Our teams are made up of a wide range of multidisciplinary profiles (insurance specialists, legal experts, and engineers). Our team members come from various complementary professional backgrounds (insurers, professional federations, brokers, and companies) which means they have a thorough understanding of the construction industry. Using our skills and expertise, we analyze your risks, and with our knowledge of the market, can handle the most complex situations in France and abroad.

Our aim is client satisfaction. Faced with new risks and constant changes in regulations and their application, the relationship with our clients is based on our rigor and a spirit of mutual trust that makes it possible to establish long-term partnerships.

Our added value

Dedicated technical teams. Proven negotiation and administration methods in both production and claims. High-performance systems and tools for meaningful analysis. Comprehensive knowledge of the construction industry.

What makes us different?

  • Experience and the wide range of our technical, legal and contractual skills and expertise.
  • Reliable data from the wide variety of our client base, the insurers and markets allowing us to offer the most competitive terms and conditions at any given time.
  • A modern vision of the insurance sector and a pragmatic knowledge of the construction industry means we can support developments by carrying out meaningful analysis and objective negotiations for optimized placements.
  • (High-performance) tools/management/control and reliability of data.
  • A vision of tomorrow’s brokerage in pragmatic areas.
  • Specific coverage.