Careers & employees experiences | 20 December 2023

Imagine a brighter tomorrow

Today, Diot-Siaci Group employees discovered our new employer signature.

An employer signature reflecting our mission statement and values

The aim of this employer signature is to express more specifically how our mission statement and valeurs “We protect innovation to imagine a sustainable and peaceful future” translates for the employees of our Group.
“Imagine a brighter tomorrow” sheds light on the meaning of working within the Group, brings a new perspective to the business of insurance and reinsurance consulting, management and brokerage, and creates distinctiveness for Diot-Siaci in its market. “Imagine a brighter tomorrow” also sheds light on each of the Group’s values and how our employees bring them to life:
– Entrepreneurial spirit
– Excellence
– Community
– Trust

A visual identity that reflects the energy of our employees and the dynamic development of our group

The use of visual elements in the form of “light painting” in the brand’s colors, as well as images of human connection, represent a brand that is constantly evolving and full of energy.

“Imagining a brighter tomorrow” means supporting those who are working to make it more sustainable and peaceful. It means thinking about tomorrow today, being imaginative, creative and pioneering. Our independence means we can innovate, open up new avenues and always act in the best interests of our customers. This is what drives us, and what unites and mobilizes our 5,000 employees around the world.

> Discover our new employer claim on video :